The Final Read Process with Dr. Wisdom

Turning in a dissertation for the final read process is a day many doctoral students long for and a pinnacle point on the EdD journey. Today Drs. Elder and Leavitt sit down with Dr. Wisdom, Director of Graduate Studies, to discuss this process. Many details are discussed including how the process works from beginning to end, how students can best prepare their dissertations for a final reading, and what defines “final read” ready. You do not want to miss this inside look into the process that makes a finished paper into a published dissertation.

Conversation with John R. Porter, President of Lindenwood University

John R. Porter is not only the new President of Lindenwood University but also an EdD student at Johns Hopkins University. In this special episode of CapIT!, President Porter discusses his experience as a doctoral student and a life-long learner. Porter shares the topic of his dissertation, ways he stays motivated, how he balances a busy schedule, and the importance of the journey while earning a doctorate degree including building and keeping relationships. Listen as he describes his global journey and gives inspiring words of wisdom.  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Welcome to the 2019 Fall Semester!

A new semester begins, and with it changes, reminders, and tips for starting the semester off on the right foot! Join Drs. Elder and Leavitt as they discuss changes to the EdD Program, reminders for having a successful semester, an overview of the redesigned Comprehensive Exam, and tips for writing the literature review. Much is covered in this fun, engaging, and information filled conversation. Begin the 2019 school year with a new episode of CapIT! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Conversation with Susan Edele, Director of the Writing Center

CapIT! is on the road this week as Drs. Leavitt and Elder visit Lindenwood’s Writing Center located in the LARC, Room 338. They sit down with Susan Edele, Director of Lindenwood’s Writing Center, to discuss all the center has to offer EdD students. Many benefits include one on one help with dissertation writing, including APA citation assistance. Edele also offers writing tips during the conversation and advice for making the dissertation a scholarly piece. Join the conversation and book an online appointment for the Writing Center today! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Data, Dignity, & Justice Forum on Ethical Issues & Research

CapIT! hosted the first ever Data, Dignity, & Justice Forum on Ethical Issues & Research on April 8, 2019. The panel consisted of two faculty members, Dr. Ted Cohen, Assistant Professor of History, and Dr. Sherrie Wisdom, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Education, one current EdD student, Greg Wagener, Coordinator of Student Discipline and Alternative Student Programs for the Parkway School District, and one EdD graduate, Dr. Leslie Muhammad, Acting Principal and Student Service Coordinator for Confluence Charter Schools. Mike Leary hosted the panel and asked questions regarding data collection, ethics involved in human subject research, risks involved in educational research, and much more. A great deal was discussed and thought-provoking questions were asked from Mr. Leary and the audience. CapIT! looks forward to hosting more forums in the future. Please tune in for this compelling conversation and visit Lindenwood’s School of Education’s Facebook page for the video. [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Conversation with Director of Reference Services, Nancy Messina

Lindenwood is so lucky to have the Library Academic Resource Center (LARC), and even more valuable than the library itself are the wonderful people there to assist students. One such person is Nancy Messina, Director of Reference Services. Join Drs. Elder, Leavitt, and Mrs. Messina as they discuss all the wonderful services the library has to offer, and more importantly, how to find them! Messina also shares how the library has evolved over the years, and keeps evolving, as well as great databases for EdD students. Many helpful resources are discussed on this episode so tune in to hear beneficial tips from Nancy Messina! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Conversation with EdD Candidate, Shamonda Owens

The EdD journey can be a struggle at times and perseverance is essential. Shamonda Owens, EdD Candidate and soon to be graduate knows the struggle, but more importantly, she is the definition of perseverance. Shamonda visits with Dr. Leavitt, Dr. Elder, and students in Capstone III, to tell her inspiring story. This CapIT! conversation of tenaciousness and strength will help you persevere to completion! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Utilizing Your Mental Toughness

Dr. Leavitt’s reading of Amy Morin’s book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do inspired this week’s CapIT! conversation. Join Drs. Elder and Leavitt as they discuss Morin’s list and the mental toughness they have seen exhibited in doctoral students. Tune in for stories of triumph, tips for success, and strategies for staying mentally tough during the doctoral journey! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Conversation with Dr. Rachel Morgan

Drs. Elder and Leavitt sit down with Lindenwood EdD graduate Dr. Rachel Morgan to discuss many of her passions. This illuminating conversation discusses Morgan’s non-for-profit organization The Adam Morgan Foundation (assists families raising children with Autism), her research involving Andragogy, process of dissertation writing and completion, and much more. Dr. Morgan also gave details of her upcoming conference in April, the Adam Morgan Foundation National Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Please join this inspiring conversation! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

What’s New at LU!

A new semester is about to begin and Drs. Elder and Leavitt share all you need to know to start the year off right. From program and course changes, final read dissertation tips, to exciting events to put on your calendar for the year, you don’t want to miss the first CapIT! episode of the spring semester! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]