Data, Dignity, & Justice Forum on Ethical Issues & Research

CapIT! hosted the first ever Data, Dignity, & Justice Forum on Ethical Issues & Research on April 8, 2019. The panel consisted of two faculty members, Dr. Ted Cohen, Assistant Professor of History, and Dr. Sherrie Wisdom, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Education, one current EdD student, Greg Wagener, Coordinator of Student Discipline and Alternative Student Programs for the Parkway School District, and one EdD graduate, Dr. Leslie Muhammad, Acting Principal and Student Service Coordinator for Confluence Charter Schools. Mike Leary hosted the panel and asked questions regarding data collection, ethics involved in human subject research, risks involved in educational research, and much more. A great deal was discussed and thought-provoking questions were asked from Mr. Leary and the audience. CapIT! looks forward to hosting more forums in the future. Please tune in for this compelling conversation and visit Lindenwood’s School of Education’s Facebook page for the video. [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]