Monthly Archives: March 2021

Using Podcasts in the Classroom

Drs. Elder and Leavitt were honored to present a session at Lindenwood University focusing on using podcasts in the classroom. Listen to hear their “live” podcast at the end of their session where they speak to a faculty attendee, Assistant Professor of Art History, Trenton Olsen, about instructional strategies for the higher education classroom and how podcasting can work as an engagement strategy for undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty starting their own podcasts, such as CapIT! is shared as well! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

The Keys to A Successful Journey: A Conversation with EdD Student, Jeff Deckelbaum

Jeff Deckelbaum is on his doctoral journey and making great progress. What inspired him to begin his EdD and how has he stayed organized while tackling a complex dissertation topic? Listen to this CapIT! episode to hear Jeff’s advice for making progress on the dissertation while pursuing the degree, as well as discussion on topic discovery, building a strong methodology, and much more! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]