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Comprehensive Exams

At the end of the EdD Program, students take the Comprehensive Exams before enrolling in their final course: Capstone III. Today Drs. Elder and Leavitt discuss the components of the exam including the standards they are aligned to, the best way to prepare in the weeks and days leading up to exam day, and specific takeaways from this summer’s preparatory sessions. If you are taking the exam this Saturday, August 4th, or in the future, you want to hear these valuable insights on the Comps!  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Discussion with School of Education Dean, Dr. Anthony Scheffler

Dr. Anthony Scheffler, Lindenwood’s new Dean in the School of Education, joins Drs. Elder and Leavitt for a CapIT! conversation. He discusses his journey to Lindenwood, reflects on his own doctoral experiences, and shares how he stayed motivated on the way to dissertation completion. You don’t want to miss Dr. Scheffler’s inspiring words and advice. Join us for a summer edition of CapIT!  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

How to Have a Successful Summer

Summer is just around the corner and we want to make sure your writing stays on track! Join us as we discuss courses, writing labs, and tips for overall success during these upcoming months and in the future. Don’t take a break, stay on your journey and join the conversation!  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Talking Technology Part II with Jana Gerard

We continue our conversation on technology with Jana Gerard, the Learning Specialist for our Educational Technology Lab. Jana gives us excellent insight into the importance of getting out of our comfort zone (with technology, careers, and in all that we do!), technology and the K-12 world, what it means to be technologically literate, and explores topics for EdD students. You don’t want to miss this informative and inspiring technology driven discussion!  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Talking Technology with JeLena Fleming

Technology is all around us and can at times be overwhelming for students and professors. Lindenwood’s Academic Technology Specialist and EdD student JeLena Fleming shows us how technology can be a useful tool for all of us. Listen as she gives us great programs and apps to use as well as tips for ease of use. Techies and old school learners alike do not want to miss this enlightening conversation!  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Questions and Answers: Oral Defense, Graduation, and Much More!

This week we take questions from you, the listeners! We also chose some of our most common questions that we hear in class and discuss them in this podcast. So join us as we discuss preparing for the oral defense, steps to take in preparing for graduation, what to do once you receive the EdD, and much more. Also, please keep your questions coming! We may answer yours on an upcoming podcast. [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

All About the Oral Defense

The last part of the EdD journey is the oral defense presentation. Drs. Elder and Leavitt discuss what it takes to get to this point in the process and all the components that make a successful defense. So if you have reached this milestone or are just getting started, this conversation will help you at any point in your path to completion. Join us! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Motivation 2.0

Join Drs. Elder and Leavitt as they discuss more advice and research for keeping you, the EdD student, motivated on the EdD journey. The conversation picks up from the last podcast on motivation including what is motivation and researched motivational tools to use while working on the dissertation. You don’t want to miss this encouraging conversation to keep you on the road to completion!  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]


Andragogy with Dr. Giuseffi

Join us as we discuss Andragogy with Dr. Frank Giuseffi, our adjunct professor of andragogy courses at Lindenwood. He also offers wonderful insight on the importance of questioning in research, using 21st century skills, and staying curious. You do not want to miss this inspiring conversation! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

The Prospectus with Dr. Wisdom, Part II

Join us for Part II of our conversation with Dr. Sherrie Wisdom, Supervisor of Graduate Research, as she walks us through the prospectus process, #8-12, or how to write up the methodology or research design of the dissertation study. If you missed it, make sure to check out our previous podcast, Part I with Dr. Wisdom as we discussed #1-7 of the prospectus or the purpose and rationale.  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]