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A Conversation with Lindenwood Graduate and Special Education Teacher, Liz Lewis

Educators have been faced with teaching in the face of adversity. Adapting to virtual learning, teaching during a pandemic, and making sure social and emotional wellness needs of students are met. Drs. Elder and Leavitt talk with Liz Lewis, Special Education Teacher, about her experience from the start of the pandemic to teaching during the 2020-2021 school year. Her perspectives on education and student needs are enlightening and her positive energy is inspiring. Tune in for a motivational end to the school year, as well as the last episode of CapIT! Drs. Elder and Leavitt will continue in a new podcast; keep listening until the end to hear what is next![Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Using Podcasts in the Classroom

Drs. Elder and Leavitt were honored to present a session at Lindenwood University focusing on using podcasts in the classroom. Listen to hear their “live” podcast at the end of their session where they speak to a faculty attendee, Assistant Professor of Art History, Trenton Olsen, about instructional strategies for the higher education classroom and how podcasting can work as an engagement strategy for undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty starting their own podcasts, such as CapIT! is shared as well! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

The Keys to A Successful Journey: A Conversation with EdD Student, Jeff Deckelbaum

Jeff Deckelbaum is on his doctoral journey and making great progress. What inspired him to begin his EdD and how has he stayed organized while tackling a complex dissertation topic? Listen to this CapIT! episode to hear Jeff’s advice for making progress on the dissertation while pursuing the degree, as well as discussion on topic discovery, building a strong methodology, and much more! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Planning for Back to School in the Era of Covid-19: Conversation with Superintendent, Dr. Kevin C. Carl

Every school across the country is facing the same question: how do we safely prepare for a return to school during a pandemic? Drs. Leavitt and Elder virtually discuss this question with Superintendent of Hancock Place School District, Dr. Kevin C. Carl. He shares how his school handled the start of the pandemic to plans put in place for a safe start to school in August. The conversation also discusses leadership and what skill sets are needed for superintendents, principals, faculty, and others to best guide a school district and help parents and teachers during unprecedented times. Please tune in for inspiring leadership advice and notes of positivity to help start the fall 2020 school year. [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Topic Development with Nancy Messina and Megan Phifer-Davis

Developing a dissertation topic can be overwhelming, especially when feeling on your own and not quite sure where to turn for help. Remember, there are always many resources available, they just may need to be accessed in a new way! Nancy Messina, Director of Reference Services, and Megan Phifer-Davis, Librarian for Outreach and E-Learning, share wonderful ways to find a topic worth researching and is of interest to you, the EdD student, and access resources to find a vast amount of literature to support such a topic. Tune in for developing dissertation topic tips, e-resources, and the other fantastic services available from the library! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Staying Motivated

How is everyone? Drs. Elder and Leavitt take time during their podcast to ask just this question and give advice on how to stay motivated during this unprecedented time. They also discuss online learning and the new online EdD program which will begin in spring of 2021. Further, they ask you the listener for how you are coping and to share your stories as well as offer future podcast topics. Please tune in and share your stories with CapIT! and more importantly, stay safe, stay healthy, and take care. [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

APA 7th Edition

The American Psychological Association (APA) Manual is a guidebook for social science researchers. Not only does it show correct APA formatting for a variety of references and citations, it gives the keys to writing concisely and accurately. The 6th edition has been the mainstay for over 10 years and the new 7th edition has just been released. The 7th edition offers changes that reflect the APA concise style and also the shift to our technology rich world. Join Drs. Elder and Leavitt as they go through all of the revisions in the new edition together! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

The Final Read Process with Dr. Wisdom

Turning in a dissertation for the final read process is a day many doctoral students long for and a pinnacle point on the EdD journey. Today Drs. Elder and Leavitt sit down with Dr. Wisdom, Director of Graduate Studies, to discuss this process. Many details are discussed including how the process works from beginning to end, how students can best prepare their dissertations for a final reading, and what defines “final read” ready. You do not want to miss this inside look into the process that makes a finished paper into a published dissertation.

Conversation with John R. Porter, President of Lindenwood University

John R. Porter is not only the new President of Lindenwood University but also an EdD student at Johns Hopkins University. In this special episode of CapIT!, President Porter discusses his experience as a doctoral student and a life-long learner. Porter shares the topic of his dissertation, ways he stays motivated, how he balances a busy schedule, and the importance of the journey while earning a doctorate degree including building and keeping relationships. Listen as he describes his global journey and gives inspiring words of wisdom.  [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]

Welcome to the 2019 Fall Semester!

A new semester begins, and with it changes, reminders, and tips for starting the semester off on the right foot! Join Drs. Elder and Leavitt as they discuss changes to the EdD Program, reminders for having a successful semester, an overview of the redesigned Comprehensive Exam, and tips for writing the literature review. Much is covered in this fun, engaging, and information filled conversation. Begin the 2019 school year with a new episode of CapIT! [Music by Brian Elder, “Gateway City”,]